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Safety and Relief Valve


* Compliant with JIS standard
* Blowout test can be performed with lever

Feature Lift type / Flanged / Ductile iron / Lever type
Category Safety valve
Type Lift type
Specifications Application Steam
Pressure range 0.05 - 1.5MPa((*1))
Connection JIS 10K FF flanged , JIS 16K FF flanged (*2)
Max.temperature 220 degree(C)
Material Valve case Ductile cast iron
Spring case Ductile cast iron
Valve Cast stainless steel
Valve seat Cast stainless steel
*1 Maximum working pressure for 150A is 0.8 MPa.
*2 JIS 16K FF flanged when working pressure is more than 1.0 MPa.

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Size L (mm) H1 (mm) Weight (kg)
65A(2 1/2) 120 120 20.2
80A(3) 130 130 (132) 24
100A(4) 160 150 (152) 44
125A(5) 200 205 (207) 88
150A(6) 210 215 (217) 113

EThe values in parentheses are the dimensions of JIS 16K FF flanged.
Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing:AL-6

Data Downloading
Drawing10K 要SUS 65-80A (161 KB)
Drawing 10K 要SUS 100-150A (170 KB)
Drawing 16K 要SUS 65-80A (141 KB)
Drawing 16K 要SUS 100-125A (166 KB)

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